Brioche SOS: How to Correct Mistakes with Jenn Lampen

August 25, 2024 1:00 pm
August 25, 2024 4:00 pm



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Class Title:  Brioche SOS:  How to Correct Mistakes

Teacher Name: Jenn Lampen

Class Length: 3 hours

Class Fee: $55.00

Class Day/Time:  Sunday, 1:00PM to 4:00PM

Class Description:

One of the most common struggles with brioche knitting is knowing what to do if something goes wrong. In this class you will learn to identify some of the most common mistakes in brioche knitting and make a plan to address them. You will learn efficient ways to tink and frog brioche and when those are the right strategy to use. You will also learn how to fix dropped stitches and dropped yarnovers, as well as mistakes in patterning, such as decreases leaning the wrong way or misplaced increases and decreases. Finally, you will learn about the structure of brioche fabric to help demystify the fixing process and give you the confidence to tackle whatever
mistakes you encounter in the future. Students must be comfortable with basic brioche knitting flat as well as common brioche increases and decreases. Familiarity with fixing mistakes in stockinette is helpful, but not required.


Registration necessary, class size limited to 8

Supplies Needed: 

  • 2 contrasting colors of DK or worsted weight yarn (stash leftovers are fine, solids or semisolids recommended)
  • 16 inch US 8/5.0mm circular needles
  • A second set of US8 needles (either another circular set or 2 DPNS)
  • A set of circular needles 2-3 sizes smaller
  • locking stitch markers
  • crochet hook

Materials Fee: S0


Cast on 25 sts using a long tail cast on and color A (I recommend using your lighter color).
Slide the work to other end of needle to work RS with color B.
Setup Row (color B, RS): K1, sl1yo, (p, sl1yo) repeat to last st, sl1 wyif. Turn to work
color A.
Brioche Rib WS (color A): K1, (brp, sl1yo) to last 2 sts, brp, sl1 wyif. Slide.
Brioche Rib WS (color B): K1, (sl1yo, brk) to last 2 sts, sl1yo, sl1 wyif. Turn.
Brioche Rib RS (color A): K1, (brk, sl1yo) to last 2 sts, brk, sl1 wyif. Slide.
Brioche Rib RS (color B): K1, (sl1yo, brp) to last 2 sts, sl1yo, sl1 wyif. Turn.
Repeat the two Brioche Rib rows once more, then work the Brioche Rib WS row

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