Knitted PUFF Flower Instructions


You will need:

  • Any color worsted weight acrylic yarn and appropriate sized needles
  • Colored plastic bags (reds, yellows, purples, oranges, whites) cut into approximately 3 x 3 inch pieces

Cast on 15 stitches, leaving an approx. 8-10 inch long tail.

The next row, Row 1: knit 1st st, and place a couple of pieces of the plastic in between the stitches on needle, with half on one side, half on the other side of needles, knit the next stitch. Fold the other half of the plastic toward you, and knit the next stitch. Continue to end of 1st row.

Row 2: knit

Row 3: same as Row 1

Row 4: knit

Row 5: same as Row 1

Row 6: knit

Row 7: same as Row 1

Row 8: knit

Row 9: same as Row 1

Row 10: knit

Row 11: same as Row 1

Row 12: cast off, leaving approx. and 8-10 inch tail

This gives you 6 rows of plastic flowers. Trim the whole flower to approx. 1 inch and attach an extra tail of yarn at each corner, leaving each corner with a tail approx. 8-10 inches long.

Video tutorial available at YouTube:

These can also be made using colored fabric.

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