Here's to a bright 2013


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Festival Update


Here’s to a bright 2013

I have received many pattern books and books to review lately. One of the books is by a fellow I was previously unaware of, Bruce Weinstein. Bruce has written Boyfriend Sweaters: 19 Designs for Him That You’ll Want to Wear. 

The book’s cover immediately caught the attention of my husband, Randy. He flipped through and made several comments. He continued to read it more intently, and made more comments, to which I replied, “Why don’t you write the review?”  

So in this issue, you are in for a treat! Randy has written the review of Bruce’s new book. See below for his take. Perhaps Bruce will join us at the Festival one day.

Modular MixAnother recent pattern book that I particularly liked is 12 Knitted Mitered Squares to Mix & Match, MODULAR MIX by Edie Eckman. I think every one of us has a handmade quilt, afghan or granny square blanket in our homes. This pattern book shows you how to build mitered squares, one by one, to create a beautiful afghan. It is, hands down, the greatest-looking afghan I have seen. I am keeping the pattern book as a gift to myself — and one day, I’ll make this afghan. 

During this Season of giving thanks for our blessings received, we give thanks for the time we did have with two special people we have recently lost: Judi Anne Worthington, a longtime Festival exhibitor (Knit ‘n Needle), and Festival friend Karrie Steinmetz, known to many as “KnitPurlGurl.” We are missing you both, but you remain in our hearts.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

With Warm Regards,

Barbara Grossman

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Dec. 5 Sweepstakes winner

Knitting from the Center OutGeri Gribben, Fredericksburg, Va., is the winner of Knitting from the Center Out: An Introduction to Revolutionary Knitting with 28 Modern Projects, the first book by Festival and Knittreat alum Daniel Yuhas. Congratulations, Geri!





Randy’s book review… AND Sweepstakes prize!

Boyfriend Sweaters coverTitle: Boyfriend Sweaters: 19 Designs for Him That You’ll Want to Wear

Author: Bruce Weinstein

Publisher: Potter Craft

Reviewed by: Randy Grossman, CFP®

In following Potter Craft’s press release announcing Bruce Weinstein’s new book, Boyfriend Sweaters, indentifying Bruce as “an authority on men (since he is one of them),” Barb has reached out to me as her resident authority on men to provide a review of this book. To substantiate my credentials as an authority (besides being one of them), I submit the following: I am a knitter, husband, father, grandfather, shotgun shooter, bird dog owner, ex-pro football player, tobacco chewin’, cigar smokin’, fruitcake bakin’, vegetarian, Bar Mitzvah boy from Philadelphia. I figure that covers enough bases to qualify me as an authority on a large segment of guys — from a guy’s perspective, that is.

I often page through the new books that come in for Barb, but I took particular interest in Bruce’s Boyfriend Sweaters, which is understandable, given that I am one of them. I found the book to be very enjoyable. The designs are very appealing and, truth be told, there is only one that I wouldn’t be pleased for Barb or my Mom to make for me (hint, hint).

In addition, what really set the book apart and special for me are Bruce’s essays, some of his thoughts and experiences, that he shares with the reader.

In his essay “The Curse,” Bruce writes about the risk of knitting for a boyfriend. I’ve got to tell you if a guy dumps you because you made him a sweater, the hell with him. Basically, he saved you the wasted time and effort to dump him — better to discover a “dropped stitch” sooner than later, and that’s all he was! So don’t use good yarn on the first sweater, just in case, and keep it simple. Bruce’s Over-sized Turtleneck on page 28 might fit the bill.  

In his essay “Merino, Silk and Duck Confit,” I agree with Bruce there’s something satisfying when you’ve made a good trade. In “Knitting with Scissors” (yes, you read that right), I learned a valuable lesson that I can’t wait to impress someone with! And finally, “My Father’s Sweater”… is what it’s all about.

Thank you, Bruce, for a wonderful book for them, and thank you, Grandma Hilda, for introducing Bruce to the love that knitting is all about.

Barb asked me to close with a reminder that a copy of this book is up for grabs as a sweepstakes prize. To enter the sweepstakes, please send an email (one entry per person, please) to by Dec. 31, 2012, with the subject line of “Boyfriend Sweaters.” Please include your name and a phone number where you can be reached.

Here, Kitty, Kitty… does sell the most creative things. Designed by “scooterKnits,” this stylish mistletoe topper is, unfortunately, sold out … but as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Merry Christmas!


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