Call for Vendor Support

I had hoped that people would be starting to get excited about the 2020 Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival‚Ķ.but not this year. ūüôĀ¬†¬†Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2021!

In the meanwhile, you can still get excited about seeing what your favorite exhibitors have to offer by visiting their online shop!!!

Head on over to our website  Go to the exhibitors tab and there you will find everything you need to visit them online.  I ask that you take some time and possibly find something that you just can’t live without!!!

When you make a purchase РGo to our instagram account, and leave a comment about what you purchased and who from.

Don‚Äôt have an instagram?¬†¬†send an email to¬†¬†In the subject line enter¬†¬†Made a purchase.¬†¬†You will be entered into daily drawings that I will start Wednesday, August 26th¬†‚Äď with the last drawing on Sunday, August 30th. Winners will be notified via email or instagram and posted daily as well.

I have lots of goodies (yarn, fabric, patterns, bags etc) that many of the sponsors donated to give away.

Looking forward to lots of messages in the email or instagram!!!  Thanks for supporting all the exhibitors!!

Happy Creating,


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