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October 16, 2016

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Barb is in Columbia visiting her daughter Sarah, who is studying abroad for a semester.  She left me in charge to write the newsletter…. so here goes nothing!!!! This may well be the last time she leaves me alone.

Knit, Crochet, Fiber:

So I always heard that knitting and crocheting were to be relaxing and good for your health. Then why all the nail-biting? I just don’t get it, I was about to take up knitting and now I am reconsidering. Do I really want to end up biting my nails? And when I read about it, it says that this technique dates back before crochet and knit, so there are a lot of women out there that could use some stress counseling. As if I need more stress! Oh wait I just noticed that the correct spelling is Nalbinding, an ancient technique that combines knit and crochet dating back to to 300 AD. So much for my review.

Even though the book I am giving away this month has nothing to do with Nalbinding, I can’t seem to figure out a use for it.  Why would anyone use their socks as an accessory?  Oh well, someone may want it. I can give away whatever I want because Barb is not home and I raided her stash of books.



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Quilting, Sewing and Fabric:


My skills in quilting and sewing are about the same as my knit and crochet skills. Maybe one day I will take up sewing, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what all the hype is about paper piecing.  I always thought a quilt’s purpose was to keep you warm. A paper quilt would last about 10 minutes in my house, the cats would rip it to shreds. If they didn’t notice it, I am sure it would not do a very good job of keeping me warm on those cold winter nights. Perhaps I should stay away from quilting until I have a better understanding of it. I guess I should have read up on paper piecing before I wrote this as I just realized it’s real purpose. Again, I am sure you all will be happy to see Barb back to writing the newsletters, I am just not quite as creative as she is. We will be offering paper piecing classes at the Festival. The giveaway I have for the fabric world is a book on Brazilian Bracelets, only because I remember making friendship bracelets when I was a young girl.


Sweepstakes winners from last newsletter:


2 Skeins of Irresistible Red Heart Yarn winner: Wendy Stemple of Shanksville, PA

6 Yards of Free Spirit Fabric winner: Sandy Rosenthal of Erie, PA

60 Quick Cowls Book winner: Karen McCullough of Ligonier, PA


October Sweepstakes:


Sock-Yarn Accessories – 20 Knitted Designs with Style and Savvy by Jen Lucas:

To enter the Sweepstakes, please email by October 28th with the Title “Sock-Yarn”.










Brazilian Bracelets – Making Friendship Bracelets & More! by Florence Beilot: 

To enter the Sweepstakes, please email by October 28th with the title “Brazilian Bracelets”.


March 24, 25, 26th 2017

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See you at the Festival!


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