2019 15 Year Anniversary Block Party Weekend!

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July 31, 2018

Thank you to all who took the time to fill out the survey we offered in the last newsletter.  You can still fill it out if you have not done so, just click here. Your feedback helps us make the best possible selections based on your requests.

We are really thrilled about your responses to the evening activities! We are planning a Block Party Weekend to celebrate our 15 Year Anniversary. Weare offering many fun new activities on Friday and Saturday nights in addition to daytime classes, demos, Creative Open Studio, Maker Space and of course a marketplace where you can find the latest yarns, fabrics, supplies and more.


Barb happens to be away right now and I am writing the newsletter and staying at Barb’s house with our mom. When there is any opportunity to raid Barb’s stash, I always do. She won’t miss it!  I am giving away a variety of items. I am not reviewing the books as Barb does, you would not want to see my review!!!  I will give you my descriptions, I hope you enjoy my perspective. All the details on the giveaways are below, just email us by the next newsletter for your chance to win.


July Sweepstakes:

Email us to win these prizes!

1.  Book: French Farmhouse by Marie Claude-Picon. So who wants to build a farmhouse?  I guess it is too long of a class for the Festival so I may as well give the book away. Oh wait, I just noticed the subtitle, it is a book about Quilting. “Quilts with Rustic Simplicity”  Ok so never mind my description….  Email pghknitandcrochet@gmail.com with the title French Farmhouse.

2.  Quilling Paper:  Now we are supposed to make Quilts with paper?  I have no clue how I am going to wash it when it gets dirty. Oh no, I guess I read that one wrong too. It says Quilling, not Quilting. Anyway, it is a pretty colorful pack of quilling paper.  Email pghknitandcrochet@gmail.com with the title Quilling Paper

3.  Fabric: There are 5 Fat Quarters of some pretty speckled Black and Gold fabric here. I don’t understand why they call them fat quarters. They are not so fat, they are actually kind of thin. Can you tell I don’t sew? But hey, with football season around the corner you might be able to use these Pittsburgh Colors! Email pghknitandcrochet@gmail.com with the title Black and Gold Fabric.

4.  Yarn:  2 Mini Skeins of Yarn in purple and grey from Frabjous Fibers. They are pretty and I like the colors, so if Barb had a project planned for these, she can just forget about it. Email pghknitandcrochet@gmail.com with the title Mini Skeins.








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March 15, 16, 17, 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton, Green tree, PA


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