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Pgh HandMade Hearts

Pgh HandMade Hearts

Please join us as we continue the Pgh HandMade Hearts campaign started by Barb Grossman and her family last year.

On October 27, 2018, worshipers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA, were attacked in a senseless act of hatred. In response, the Grossman family, started the Pgh HandMade Hearts campaign to make and place handmade hearts in public places as vivid reminders of the power of kindness.

Our mission is to foster compassion for those impacted by acts of violence and hatred, as well as to discourage future acts of this nature. Let’s #ShareAHeartPgh, with #PghHandMadeHearts.

We will be supplying materials on Sunday all day.  A yarn wrapped heart will be offered and led by Bethany Community Ministries volunteers and the Girl Scouts of W PA, sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. We’ll tag them with positive messages and put them in public places such as: libraries, lobbies, churches, mosques, synagogues, community centers, senior centers, auditoriums, at a bus stop,  at the park, playground, on a hiking trail, etc.

To date, we have made and placed over 5500 handmade hearts in public places. We have engaged many groups, schools, community centers, guilds and individuals in this kindness campaign. Many groups have continued to act on their own as they tag and distribute the handmade hearts. We are proud to have reached beyond our borders and assisted people in Morgantown, WV, El Paso, Texas and Carlisle, PA in starting their own HandMade Heart initiatives. Our goal is to continue to spread kindness and share the hearts to any area affected by recent tragedies.

You may also make hearts in advance and bring them with you. We’ll provide the tags.

The hearts can be hand stitched, machine stitched, embroidered, knitted, crocheted, made from wood, clay, etc., approx 2- 3 inches in size.

If you happen to find a little heart in a public space in the meantime, please take a picture, note where you found it and post it to social media with some of the following hashtags: #ShareAHeartPgh, #PghHandMadeHearts,  #Lovegreaterthanhate, #bekind