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April 6, 7, 8, 2018
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Woolen or Worsted – What Difference Does Fiber Preparation Make in Your Finished Yarn with Lynda West

Class Title: Woolen or Worsted – What Difference Does Fiber Preparation Make in Your Finished Yarn

Teacher: Lynda Westfiber-prep-imagehackles-combs

Class Day/Time: Friday, 4:30 to 7:30 pm

Class Length: 3 hours

Class Fee:  $35.00

Class Description:


There are two primary categories of yarn: worsted and woolen. These categories refer both to methods of fiber preparation and to techniques of spinning. In this class, we will explore both methods of fiber preparation. For worsted preparation, we will use hackles, combs and blending boards. For woolen preparation, we will use hand cards and drum carders.

Once we complete the fiber preparation portion of the class, we will compare our two products with an eye to what type of yarn can be made and what type of finished products to make with these two yarns.

We will then discuss the drafting techniques that best support spinning the desired type of yarn and look at finished products using each of the finished yarns.

Registration necessary, class size limited to 15

Supplies Needed: Bring combs, hackles, dizes, hand cards and drum carders if you have them. If you find that you like using them, there are vendors at the festival who would be happy to sell them to you. If you’d like to spin up a sample or two, bring your wheel.

Materials Fee: $15.00 payable to teacher in class.

Homework: None

A 3.00 electronic administrative fee will be added for all online registration transactions.

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