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Dreambird Shawl by Nadita Swings with Cathy Briscoe

dreambird-shawlClass Title: Dreambird Shawl by Nadita Swings
Being taught with the written permission of the designer Nadita Swings

Teacher: Cathy Briscoe

Class Day/Time: Friday, 4:00 to 7:00 pm

Class Length: 3 hours

Class Fee: $40.00

Class Description:

Nadita, in describing her inspiration, said “The rich coloring of birds is something wonderful, and I felt I wanted to express this in knitting. I had the Kingfisher before my eyes when I did this but there are no limits of what you can do, hence the name Dreambird!” This shawl looks more complicated than it is, leaving your friends guessing, “how did he/she do that?” The shaping is done using the German Short Row technique, which I will explain in detail so that you don’t need to be an advanced knitter to knit this stunning piece. Former students have nicknamed this class “Dreambird for Dummies”.

Registration necessary, class size limited to 15

Supplies Needed:

Scrap Practice Yarn – 50 yards Worsted Weight yarn and US size 8 needles.

Stitch Markers – 17 total of varying colors or styles, 6 of one color or type, 7 of another color or type, 3 of a 3rd color or type, and 1 special marker to be used to designate the feather tip.

The Pattern – Must be purchased from Ravelry prior to class, click on the link below and for color inspiration check out the project tab:

Please bring proof of purchase, either print out ONLY page 16 of the pattern (the page detailing the stitch count version of the pattern, You Do NOT need to print out all 22 pages of the pattern) or bring a copy of your email confirmation of purchase from Ravelry (I will accept seeing the email/pattern on your smart phone or tablet). Due to copyright law I cannot print or make copies of the pattern page for you, you must purchase and print your own copy. Please be respectful to the designer, who has graciously allowed me to teach this class, by not sharing photocopies with fellow students.

I will be providing additional handouts, notes and helpful tips for knitting the shawl.

Project yarn and needles:
The pattern is open to creativity. Use yarns that make you happy but make sure the yarn weights are of a compatible size with each other. I find that yarns with long color runs used for the feathers give the best end result (look at the projects on Ravelry for inspiration). You can add as many feather sections, as you want. The photo in the pattern has 22 feathers and my poncho version, in the class description photo, has 18 feathers.

I used fingering weight yarn, 1 skein of the feather yarn and 1½ skeins of the background color. (459 yards/100gr for the background and 396 yards/100gr for the feathers) 1 skein of the background color was enough to make 15 repeats, 1 skein of the feather color made 18 feathers. I joined my shawl in the round to make a poncho/caplet.

To help you calculate your yarn yardage, each repeat section used approximately 54 yards of yarn; Feather – 5.5g/22yards, Background – 6.5g/32 yards. The estimated yardage for 23 feathers would be 506 yards for the feathers and 704 yards for the background.

Needle size will depend on your yarn choice; use the size needle recommended on the yarn’s ball band. I preferred a less dense fabric so I used a US size 4 for the fingering weight (one size larger than recommended on the ball band). If in doubt, knit a gauge swatch with the selected needle size to determine if you like the drape and density of the fabric.

The pattern is a bit confusing. As published, the 22 pages contain 3 different pattern-writing styles of the pattern; narrative, charted and row-by-row as well as 2 size variations. You may want to read through the pattern prior to class. If you are easily confused by narrative style patterns, you may want to skip reading the pattern. If you do read through the pattern and are confused by the pattern writing style, have no fear, I will have handouts and lots of tips to help you through. I promise, the shawl is fairly easy to knit once you understand the short row concept.

Materials Fee: $2.00 to cover the cost of handouts payable to teacher in class

In an effort to have as much time as possible to begin working on your first feather of you project in class I ask that you cast on for your shawl prior to class as follows: With your background color chain cast on 5 stitches, place a marker, continue to chain cast on 127 more stitches (132 sts total).

Video link to chained cast on – http://newstitchaday.com/crochet-cast-on/

A 3.00 electronic administrative fee will be added for all online registration transactions.

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